Christmas Raffle

As we recently announced on Facebook, we will be having a Bring and Share Christmas Lunch on Thursday, 14th December, at the centre.

We will be drawing a raffle on the same day, and tickets are now available for purchase, 5 tickets for a pound.

Prizes up for grabs are:

  • Avon Tabitha Webb handbag
  • Blue Planet Aquarium voucher (2x Standard + 2x Junior)
  • Bottle of Prosecco
  • Bottle of Tesco Premier Cru champagne
  • Citadelle gin
  • Dominos voucher (any size pizza + side)
  • Full Bloom Collection lavender slipper bag set
  • KFC voucher (one complimentary meal)
  • Sainsbury’s solar silver ball string lights
  • The Game of Life “Twists and Turns”
  • Wilko fruit bath set

Much thanks to the following people and organizations for their generous donations:

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